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We are Mobille Transportation Service area assist to give solution to facilitate you in conducting Pregio Trans car rent.
PREGIO TRANS Nice Transportation to Individually or Group
Airport Point to point Services
One of the our driver will fetch you punctually in Airport and we will squire you to your target comfortably, peaceful and of course free from stress.
Hotel Services
Why have to busy to call cab with your wafting goods ? Only contactedly 021-32250702, or 44574459. we will supports you by the KIA Pregio Trans car, and squire you to your target.
Corporate Travel
Pregio Trans Car Rental have served transportation personal and or coorperasion to various destination in Jakarta - Bandung and its surroundings. Our Team will plan your Transportation journey route in order to more efficient and on schedule with system Transportation Management Services, On-Site Coordination and Meet-And-Greet pick ups. your anywhere Destinition, our choice will fulfill all your land transportation medium need .
Personal Travel Services
All our client even also will agree that almost to [ his/ its] manapun target will fitt in with our exclusive transportation style. Whether/ What location get to a formal dinner, legitimate stage visit, social or taking the air night some Object in Jakarta - Bandung, by Pregio Trans Car Rental you' d travel in freshment.
Shopping City Tour
Let us to squire you of during your traveling some object shoping centre in Jakarta - Bandung.
That way this Letter is we send hopefully the having the pleasure to. At attention we' re say a lot of thanks

Yours faithfully,


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